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Falcon - Stig


  • Stig is a male Peregrine X Saker Falcon, he hatched in 2008 and has been a working bird since 2009.
  • We use Stig in large open areas such as horse studs or landfil lsites - his main duty is to act as a deterrent for gulls.
Harris Hawk - Quinn


  • Quinn is a male Harris Hawk, he hatched in 2009 and has been working since 2010. 
  • He is very easy to handle and his main role is to deter pigeons in urban locations although he is also effective against gull on commercial premises.
Harris Hawk - Sky


  • Sky is a female Harris Hawk, she hatched in 2012 and started work in 2013. 
  • Sky is quite a lot larger than Quinn although she is easy to handle, she is more aggressive and therefore used mainly for gull work. Being less agile doesn't hold her back from the enjoyment of chasing pigeons though.