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Proofing & Cleaning

Birdworks carry out all types of proofing from small scale spiking to netting a whole factory roof. We also use a speciality rope access company for proofing areas where it is not possible to use traditional access equipment.

Netting – netting is normally used to exclude birds from large areas such as roofs or courtyards and canopies. Nets can also be installed vertically on buildings where there are multiple perching and roosting points, such as decorative features. Vertical nets can also be used on buildings such as a block of flats with small balconies in order enclose the balcony to prevent access by birds. Nets can be used to exclude any size of birds from sparrows to pigeons to seagulls.


Spikes – these tend to be used on ledges, gutters and roof edges. They are very effective but can be obtrusive, but they are an economical form of proofing.   


Bird Wire – this is less obtrusive than spikes but can be used in similar situations, provided that there is not a heavy infestation.


Bird Gell – a relatively new product. We have been using it as a pigeon deterrent since 2010 and it has proved to be very effective on areas such as ledges. It is rarely visible from the ground and is a good option where aesthetics are important.


Avishock – an electric bird deterrent system used extensively on heritage sites, due to its low profile (8mm). It is very discrete and can be used on all types of surface and for all levels of infestation. It runs from an energiser similar to an electric fence - a low maintenance system. 


Solar Panels - we provide a bird proofing service for roof mounted solar panels, where birds such as pigeons are building nests under the panels.  


Removal of Bird Faeces/Guano - Bird droppings can be a source of various other pests such as mites, mealworms and beetles. Birds are also known to be carriers of diseases including Salmonella, Campylobacter and Lysteria. Where there is a build-up of dropping it is important that they are removed by suitably trained technicians using the correct personal protective equipment.  We are often called in to clean up areas such as loft spaces, derelict buildings and development properties. The droppings are treated with a biocide and are then removed and treated as controlled waste. We have a waste carriers licence and can provide all the correct paperwork to prove that the dropping have been disposed of in the correct manor.

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