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Insects and animals are only a pest if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, a mouse in a forest would not be considered a pest, but if it was in a food cupboard in the kitchen it needs to be removed.


The first consideration for pest control should always be prevention, followed by proofing and then control if needed.


Birdworks technicians are trained to offer practical advice in order to anticipate problems before they arise, saving the client money and reducing the amount of chemicals being used.


Commercial Pest Control – this is normally in the form of an annual contract although we do also operate a call out service to commercial customers. Depending on the individual site the frequency of visits can range from weekly to once every 4 months. A typical rodent contract would cover rats and mice. Other services such as ants, wasps, cockroaches and flies can also be covered. We also service electronic fly killers (EFK’s)


Pest Exclusion – Rabbits are typical example of a pest that we always recommend trying to proof against rather than just removing them. This may be simply blocking up holes in a fence, or it could mean erecting an electric fence or a wire mesh rabbit fence.

Badgers can cause a lot of damage to grass areas and we install suitable fencing to exclude them. Badger exclusion work to badger sets where a licence has been issued to do so is also an option.


Grounds Maintenance – Birdworks carry out all general grounds maintenance work such as strimming, brush cutting, hedge trimming and grass cutting with all relevant qualifications and insurance cover.